How can tartar be cleaned?

tartar cleaning in Estomed stomatological center

What is tartar and why does it form?

Tartar is a solid buildup consisting of leftover food particles, deceased cells, bacteria, and minerals. Primarily, the remnants of food aid in the creation of tartar, which solidifies within a few hours after eating. Because of neglecting the essential rules of oral hygiene and the high concentration of salts, dental plaque solidifies and becomes tartar. Sediment commonly forms in difficult-to-access areas of the oral cavity.

Tartar is not easily noticeable by others because plaque mostly forms on the inside of teeth. When tartar is present, a person typically doesn’t experience pain. However, to ensure dental and oral health, it is essential to seek professional assistance from a dentist for appropriate procedures aimed at tartar removal.

If tartar is not cleaned, it will contribute to the development of gingivitis and periodontitis, deteriorating the tooth and eventually causing its loss.

Tartar hinders the treatment of teeth, such as the placement of fillings. It is advisable to have tartar cleaned during a dental visit prior to getting a filling or an implant.

It is recommended to have tartar cleaned at least once every six months.

tartar cleaning in Estomed

How is tartar removed at a dental clinic?

Various effective methods of tartar removal are conducted in the dental clinic. Thanks to advancements in technology, professional tartar cleaning methods have become pain-free and no longer cause discomfort to the patient.

The modern methods for tartar removal include:

  • ultrasonic cleaning,
  • laser cleaning,
  • the Air Flow method.

Let’s discuss these methods individually.

Ultrasonic tartar removal is an innovative and advanced technique. The procedure involves using a specialized scanner to eliminate deposits. Thanks to the ultrasound, the pathogenic bacteria in the oral cavity are eradicated. If the patient has thin tooth enamel, they may experience discomfort and local anesthesia may be necessary.

The use of lasers for tartar removal has become a popular and effective solution. The laser device directly targets and breaks down the tartar. The dentist then removes any remaining sediment with a stream of water. It’s important to note that the cost of tartar removal varies based on the number of affected teeth and the chosen method.

The Air Flow method is an effective technique for tartar removal. It utilizes a professional device that combines air flow and baking soda to clean the teeth. The procedure is painless and can be done at any age. Using a strong air stream and a cleaning mixture, plaque and hardened deposits are effectively removed from the teeth.

tartar cleaning in Estomed stomatological center

Can tartar be removed at home?

Some patients attempt to remove tartar at home to avoid going to the dentist. One of the most commonly used methods is daily oral care using special toothpastes that have anti-periodontal effects. Thanks to the active ingredients, these pastes partially prevent the formation of sediment and tartar.

Additionally, there are folk methods available for removing tartar at home, but they are less effective.

Summarizing what has been said, we can conclude that it is possible to combat tartar and remove it through various methods. However, it is important to note that only professional cleaning performed with specialized equipment can guarantee a completely safe outcome.

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