The clinic carries out dental cleaning like removing plaque, teeth whitening, dental caries lesion recovery, dental treatment, root canal filling.

Tooth filling

The clinic works with high class filling materials, which besides the quality, also provide aesthetic look. There is a discount system.

Root canal

It is chemical and mechanical processing of the teeth canals with further filling. Special devices (apex-locator, the X-ray control) are used so that treatment may be guaranteed.

Fissure sealing

Sealing of natural teeth holes is done. Treatment of new beginning caries in the holes, which will prevent the tooth from further bigger contamination.

Tooth retardation with fiberglass crown

Tooth retardation with fiberglass crown

Aesthetic restoration with composites

Modern aesthetic dentistry offers a number of solutions to have a beautiful smile, the most successful one is tooth restoration with composite components (the root of the word is English word compose). And in those cases, when the broken parts of the teeth are bigger, ceramic thin layers, veneers and lumineers are used, which provide super aesthetic look.