Injection cosmetology

Botulinum Toxin Injection Therapy

Botulinum toxin therapy  is used to treat muscular hyper and dystonia – neuromuscular disorder, that produces nvoluntary muscle contractions.The goal of the therapy is to reduce muscle spasm and pain.

The usage of this medicine came to aesthetic medicine fromneurology.Now it is successfully used not only for prevention and smoothing of facial wrinkles, but also for correction of anatomical and physical defects, for the supression of sebaceous and sweat gland disorders.

Injections should be carried out in calculated doses using specific technologies and exclusively by specialists.

Volumetric modeling

This is is the modeling of face and body contours and volumes.

This can be realized with surgical, apparatus,injection techniques and threadlifting.

Today injection modeling is not only an alternative to plastic surgery, but also competes with it. Volume increasing can be achieved by using special “stitched” hyaluronic acid. Such modification of this important substance in modern aesthetic medicine can not only retain moisture, give more volume, but also  fill the depressed area of the skin.

Suchmodeling providesdesired lookmaximal quickly, efficiently, controllable and  practically without rehabilitation period.

Contour plastic

Plasmolifting PRP


Mesotherapy is injection of different prerarations directly into the skin at the cellular level to achievevarious desirable effects (healing, nourishing, moisturizing, whitening, regeneration, strengthening lipolysis, etc.). Considering skin structure; poor epidermis nutrition from dermis level and contrariwise, the method allows to usemicrodosesto achieve maximum results. Mesopreparations pass special molecular refinement, they are cleaned and stabilized.


This is a skincorrection method with hyaluronic acid. Termin biorevitalisation means natural regeneration. It rejuvenates the skin, regulates sebaceous gland activity, removes wrinkles, dark circles under  eyes, smoothes dry and chapped skin and diminishes pores.

Thread lifting

Thread lifting is an innovative facial rejuvenating method, that is realized usingspecially elaborated filaments, which have different size and structure and lead to liftingeffect correcting face and body contours. They areinput to the deeper skin layersand cause aseptic fibrosis of surrounding tissues, act to hold them in place without visible scars.The advantage of this procedure is its longlasting effect (for 2 years).