This dental direction allows instead of the lost natural tooth to place a root made of titanium with surgical intervention, on which later is attached the artificial tooth.

After some time, over the placed artificial root is formed bone tissue. Thus, the implant becomes part of the organism like the other rational roots of teeth.

Before starting the main process of the implantation, bone quality and density is examined with appropriate equipment, then a titanium spiral implant is chosen suitable to the bone.

Titanium features:

The advantages of implants if there are missing one or more teeth,  in case of  implant placement,  it takes the basic weight on it and the other teeth don’t get hewed.

If there are more missing teeth, in this case, implantation is used as a  prop for the bridge prosthesis, which allows to  avoid  removable prosthesis disliked by many people.

Contraindicated in cases, where there are blood indefiniteness oral malignant tumors, as well as bone system lesions. Even diabetes patients are not strictly contraindicated, it is just recommended to the latter to follow diet and medication usage determined by the doctor.

There is no specific age limitation mentioned for implantation. It can be placed in adulthood, when the jaw is completely formed.

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