Tooth extraction

Modern dentistry has quite wide range of opportunities for tooth retention, but there are cases when a tooth removal is inevitable, sometimes even necessary, to avoid further serious consequences.

After tooth extraction, a suture is placed on the tissues to keep them together. It prevents atamnabnikiinflammation (alveolit) after extraction, and recovery goes faster and painless.

Alveolit – It is a complication occurring after the tooth extraction; inflammation of the bone in the atamnabnik. It is accompanied by local pain, swelling and fever.

Complicated extraction (eight tooth extraction)

Simple extraction


This is a small surgical intervention during which the jaw bone is cut and the tooth root apex is removed. It is done in such cases, when previously treated tooth, which for some reason has a problem again and it fails to re-treat in endodontic way.

In which cases are made?

  • Tooth root apex inflammation
  • Large-scale cysts standing on apex

To remove the endodontic instruments broken at end of the root

Removal of roots

Extostosis removal