Hardware cosmetology

Hardware cosmetology is one of the components of medical cosmetology, where all procedures are performed by special devices.


Darsonval is a component of cosmetic combines, invented by Frenchman D’Arsonval. Procedure is the application of high-frequency power through a glass container.

In the cells is made electrolyte massage with the same frequency. It is particularly useful for the treatment of pus processes. They even work on mucus membranes with it. It is even recommended to children. We work with special materials, depending on the skin condition.

One of advantages of Darsonval is that there are cases, for example, allergic states, when all apparatus interventions are excluded, but darsonval is applied to  calm down the process.

Laser whitening

Laser whitening is done through diode laser. We choose a specific wavelength and work on the skin pigments level. Pigments get burnt, start skin change, as a result of which pigments come out.
Pigments occur in one of the overlay layers of skin. There are pigments that are at the level of the derma or upper layer.
Here a professional skill is necessary to understand this in order to do the right procedure.
Under the influence of laser waves during the procedure, is done a protein coagulation, also rejuvenation.

Microcurrent therapy

CO2 fractional laser resurfacing

Diamond microdermabrasion

Diamond microdermabrasion is a type of apparatus piling.


RF Lifting

It is  well-known abbreviation of Englishphrase “radio wave” in aesthetic medicine. The use of this factor has solvedmany problems and it really makes “miracles”.
Today mostly bi- or multipolar RF settings are applied, wich are more secure and controllable. Considering the wave nature of RF transmitter – material must be used  to enhance  effectiveness of  procedure.
RF can be used in devices as a separate factor as well as in combination with other factors (vacuum, infrared radiation, IPL, laser, mechanical factor).

Despite the fact that these electromagnetic impulses stimulatemany functions in human organism, the main expected effect in cosmetology is synthesis of skincarcase structures which lead to lifting of  tissues.

No needle mesotherapy

No needle mesotherapyis a method, which allows monopreparationsor mesococktails topenetrate directly into the skinwithout using needles. Usually preparations with special molecular structure are used, but now there are different cosmetological devices, which allow any medicine in any physical form to penetrate. This is achieved by using such methods as radio wave, ultrasound, electric current of different origin. They allow to change the electric potential and penetrability of cell membranes in seconds and preparations can freely cross transdermal barrier.


JET PEEL – Is a type of peeling that allows a dermal transformation. It removes the upper layer skin and it freshens the skin, opens the pores, and the color improves. The procedure is carried out by a strong water jet and since it is under very high pressure, it also gives oxygen to the deep layers of the skin.

As a result of this, skin is not only cleaned, but also gets a lymphodennial massage that improves blood circulation, soothes the skin with oxygen. The result is quite obvious after a couple of procedures.

There are almost no contradictions. Even those people who are prohibited other facial cleansing because they have, for  example, capillary problems or inflammatory processes, they can get this cleansing.

Jet peeling is different from common peeling

Carbon Peeling

Carbon peeling is also done through the Endiac laser device. The substance used is nanogel, with special molecular content, which is exfoliated on the skin.  It takes dead skin cells, fatty acids, and other metabolic products. The second stage of the procedure is done through the laser. It begins to split the substance into the skin. As a result, the substance disappears, and the skin is cleansed.


Hydro facial