Fixed Dentures

Veneers and lumineers

Veneers are thin ceramic layers that are attached to the teeth’s certain polished surface and are intended to cover such defects as… Read more

Zirconia ceramic crowns

On the basis of zirconia is built ceramic crown, which is super aesthetic. It is mainly used in frontal zones, with almost no contraindications, does not cause allergies.

Press ceramic crown

Concentrated, the so-called pressed ceramic crowns, are considered high class in terms of the quality and are also very aesthetic.

Ceramic inset

Is used in the case of half of the tooth surface. An appropriate size of mouldis made and placed on the tooth. It is very beautiful and aesthetic.

Metal-ceramic crown

A ceramic layer is placed on the metal base. There are no contraindications, it is not allergic. It is quite durable.

Metal-plastic crown

On the base of metal is placed a plastic layer. There are no contraindications

Cast metal crown

Cast metal crown is placed on the root on which later on crown is made.

Temporary plastic crown

The patient doesn’t leave the clinic with polished teeth, if polishing was done on the teeth, then a temporary crown is made on the spot, by which the patient does not lose aesthetics.

Metal merging crown

A crown made of bulat, which is polished a little bit and placed on the tooth.