Removable Dentures

There are partial and complete removable prostheses, that are also divided into types, depending on the specifics of teeth and materials made from.
The types of removable dentures are:
1. Laminar removable dentures
          – Plastic (warp, Triplex ivoclar)
          – Full mold base
2. Nylon
3. Plastic
4. Bugel prosthesis base
5. Bugel prosthesis Ti
Prostheses fittings, which areeither from metal or capron (white)

Plastic laminar prosthesis

This type of dentures can be both removable as well as partial removable. They have a metal or ceramic coatings. Almost do not cause allergic reaction

Micro prosthesis

Micro prosthesis is done when the teeth are missing only 1 tooth between two healthy teeth. Recently this is quite actual and comfortable.

Bugel prosthesis

Bugel or clasp prosthesis (the word root is German bugel – arc). The patient must have at least 5 teeth to be used as a prop, for the placement of bugel prosthesis. This type of prosthesis are quite compact, solid and  suitable for chewing.

Bugel prosthesis are different from common laminar plastic prosthesis with their metal base, which …is a fusion. Is not exposed to saliva and food corrosion, does  not have taste, is light and thanks to it is comfortable and occupies little place in the oral cavity.

Valplast prosthesis

Ductile nylon dentures are made with American Valplast systems and have several advantages:

  • More natural look, thanks to stable dyes
  • Minimum pressure on the basic teeth
  • Quick adaptable regarding to the terms of the implementation of chewing function
  • Do not cause allergic reaction