This is a compressor effect on body which tones blood and lymphatic vessels, stimulates cellular breath and all  drainage functions and as a result activates metabolism, eliminates toxins, saturates tissues with oxygen, swellings and the workload on heart decrease. The procedure is carried out with special uniform which consists of pneumatic pads. Based on the features and instructions of the device it is possible to work on the whole body as well as on its separate parts. Combined with termal effects pressotherapy can be used as a separate method for weightloss and in case of some pathologies and also as an additional program for body modeling.


Cavitation is one of the modern methods of loosing excess fat of body which is based on formation of many gas and steam filled vesicles in fatty tissue. Vesicles gradually grow in size and subsequently evaporate.
This process is irreversible, so method is very effective and it is considered as nonsurgical liposuction.
Cavitation can be used as a separate method as well as together with other methods (vacuum, cooling, laser diodes, infrared light).


This is a method to act on tissues with low power electrical pulses through closed electrical circuits. The result of this procedure is not only skin receptors stimulation, improvement of metabolism, blood and lymphatic circulation, but also muscle contraction with maximum extent and intensity. This method allows to work more than 90% of muscle fibers when it is impossible even during heavy exercising.

The position of electrodes and the chosen program allow not only to work out certain muscle groups, hypertrophy them, but on the contrary remove hypertonicity and muscle rigidity.

This therapy is used separately but can also be used as a support to other body correction programs.

Apparatus anti-cellulite massage

Body shaping devices play an important role in fighting against overweight and cellulite. These devices are made based on factors existing in nature (RF, IR,+or –pressure) and they don t only replace manual exposures,but stimulate mechanisms that already cannot be managed by other methods(lifestyle changes,diet, exercising). The advantage of weightloss equipment is also local effect which improves skin quality, general metabolism and couses lymphatic regulation and stimulation. It is very important that using this method you can heat up fatty tissue up to 40°C and more without injuring epidermis.