Vacuum Cup Massage

During vacuum massage are used vacuum cups and apparatus, which works deeper. In terms of usefulness this massage is more effective than manual massage.
During the procedure we work with hands pressing on biological active points and muscles, then cups and apparatus is used.
This type of massage working with cups for a small period of time can cause a little pain and discomfort. There may be bruising. This means that blood circulation is not good, there are blood stops, and toxins are accumulated During the course of bruises diminish and after 3-4 procedures there are almost no bruises. This means that ta cleaning process is done; the old, not functioning, dead blood cells are coming out in the form of bruises
Vacuum massage can also be called as a rejuvenating massage, as it affects all the organ systems, improves skin tone, and gives fresh color.
When working on the back a lot of problems of the spine get solved, back muscles corset is already kept in its correct position.
If there is a spine hernia, certainly not a big one, massage reduces it.

Vacuum massage is also useful for joints, bones and nervous system. It regulates sleep.

Average treatment course consists of 10 procedures. In general, massage should be done twice a year. Preferably in spring and autumn. One procedure lasts on average 1 hour.
It is contraindicated in case of acute infectious diseases, fever, skin infectious diseases, malignant tumors at the last stage.