Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic massage helps to recover the functions of the joints, muscles, regulation of metabolism, relieve pain, calm the nervous system, regulates sleep, so that is why this type of massage is often included in the treatment program of diseases.

Relax massage

This is a soothing, relaxing massage. It affects positively on the nervous system, muscles, and bones. It also regulates sleep.


The procedure is performed with a vacuum apparatus. The lymph (flow) is stimulated, and cleaning process is performed.

Vacuum Cup Massage

During vacuum massage are used vacuum cups and apparatus, which works deeper. In terms of usefulness this massage is more effective than manual massage. Read more

Anti-cellulite massage

Besides removing the cellulite, anti-cellulite massage has also slimming effect. During the procedure, in order to get the best outcome it is preferable to follow the provided diet. The massage is done with a vacuum.

Hot stone massage

Hot stone massage is a quite pleasant procedure. Hot stones are moving on the back and have a relaxing effect. Muscles  and nerves relax.

The stones chosen for this massage are called Magic titanium. Those are special molten stones containing titanium. They are made in Korea. These stones are unique in Armenia and only our center has got these stones.

It regulates the body’s electromagnetic field and provides the tissues with oxygen. The procedure can be both one-time or a certain course.

There are no contraindications. It is not allowed only in case of fever, acute disease,  and inflammatory phenomena.