Kineziotherapy means treatment of mobility apparatus problems through special movements.

There is pilates, antipressure, yoga in the East, and the Europeans have taken and combined those exercise features, offering appropriate exercise for each problem.

Problems of body mobility are diverse; scoliosis, scoliosis, right side, left side scoliosis, osteochondrosis, spinal hernia, recovery after stroke…

Mobility features; flexibility, agility, fast moving, robustness weaken over time due to various problems. With the help of kinesiotherapy we gradually develop them and as a result a number of problems are solved;

  • Walking dynamics
  • Posture deviation
  • Spinal solidity bias (depending on age)
  • Muscle imbalance

Sedentary lifestyle causes tension at waist level. In this case, we work on a muscular corset.

Kinesiotherapy result is individual. Depending on a number of preconditions, what the problem is, what the level is, person’s height, activity, involved in sports or not. All these is taken into account. It is necessary to pass minimum 10 treatments. If it is stroke, it is a time consuming job, if osteochondrosis more short-term. Depending on the problem and its severeness.

Kinesiotherapy is a rehabilitation therapy. Be it a post-traumatic or congenital.

There are almost no contraindications. During the therapy it is necessary to limit the work, to be more passive, in some cases not to work at all, for instance, when there is hernia that needs to undergo surgery.

Consultation is free. Duration is at least half an hour, interval; every day, 1-2 days of rest, 1 session costs 10,000 AMD.