Medical services

Medical Cosmetology

Medical cosmetology comprises of actions that are carried out by a specialist, it means medical cosmetologist should do them, as knowledge, specific skills, expertise and diagnostic skills are required.

Medical cosmetology also includes hardware cosmetology. Many devices are considered salon class, it means these devices can be used in beauty salons but applying every device has its contraindications, and therefore it is desirable to perform such procedures in specialized medical centers, not beauty salons.

Facial Diagnosis

Skin hardware diagnosis should not be confused with laboratory diagnosis. Hardware diagnostics device allows an objective assessment of the real condition of the skin from cosmetic aspect. That is, moisture, elasticity, fat, the degree of pigmentation, etc which allows the specialist to make a more accurate decision on priority of the  issue. In addition, the device is good in terms of reaching dynamic performance results.

Laser treatment of fungal infected nails

The damaged layer of the nail is removed by laser, thus getting rid of the infection source. Over time, healthy nail will be formed from the germinal layer.

The removal of ingrown nails is done by a surgical laser.

Removal of corns is implemented against which people struggle for many years, but cannot get rid of them. Procedures are carried out in different ways, besides laser plain burning, general rejuvenation of the skin can be done to remove the corn as a “genetic”.

Destructive changes; warts, etc., they can be removed with other methods, but we consider laser as optimal because it is a little more stressful to work with materials, it requires more time and is less manageable. In other words, the possibility of damaging healthy tissues is bigger.


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Ear piercing

It is important for us to maintain all sanitary norms, earrings sterility, quality of the metal and many other nuances associated with the health condition of the patient.
As the ear is an organ of bioactive points, the piercing should be done in the right spots, especially primary.
Another type of piercing is done by hand, with special equipment, needles and specific earrings.
Piercing is more traumatic, mainly done by using painkillers. It requires a longer period of rehabilitation and care.