Group classes of yoga, pilates, bodyflex in ESTOMED center will be as a source of energy, good mood, optimism for you, as well as will become a great method for health recovery.
In ESTOMED centergroup classeswill contributeweightloss, eliminate chronic fatiguesyndrome and improve work abylity.




Pilates was created by an American doctor, Joseph Pilates, and it bears his name. Originally it was intended for dancers.

The core direction of pilates is to strengthen the deep muscles of the abdomen. During the training the muscles should be stretched. This principle impacts on the spine to keep it healthy, strong, corrects the posture, strengthens the back muscles.

Pilates promotes blood circulation. During the entire session, we use the “palate” – it’s inward abdominal muscle compressing. The result is individual. On average there should be 10 trainings. 

This technique promotes the burning of fat, massage of internal organs is done, as well as part of the abdomen and pelvis. All movements are done slowly. Works the following principle; gradual and effective.

Exercises are similar to yoga exercises, unlike breathing. Pilates needs precise breathing, during the whole process the base or the “palate”  must be collected in the abdomen. It does not exist in yoga.

The trainings are 2 times a week, at 10:00 am, duration is 1 hour.

Almost no contraindications, if a person has health problems connected with any organ, we can dismiss exercises of that part.

There are also held trainings of yoga and pilates in combination, called Yoga Pilates. Exercises are taken from yoga, and pilates techniques are used. So a technique is used to keep the base stretched. Trainings are held in groups.